About Us

An American concept, started way back in 1983, that pushes the original concept to the limits. High-torque, high-rev engines. Slot car handling. Overwhelming brakes. High performance aerodynamics and styling. Bullet-proof drivetrains. Real world ergonomics. Just plain high-tech stuff. All together. Synergistic. Each part of the system functioning individually to improve the capabilities of the vehicle as a balanced whole. Each system functioning totally to create results greater than the sum of the parts. Something good made much, much better.

Intelligent answers to your sport tuning questions. Professional guidance through the bewildering world of state-of-the-art automotive high-tech. We’re ready to help you with a full selection of parts that work and tips for using and installing them. A wealth of experience you can tap for the best value in sport tuning, no matter what your budget.

We like Volkswagens. It’s that simple. We drive them and we know what it takes to tune them. We’ve been through just about everything with the watercooled VWs and we’ve got a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t. We can take the speculation and guesswork out of properly sport tuning your Rabbit, Scirocco, Jetta, Golf, Passat, or Corrado.

Our people have been in the watercooled Volkswagen business since the beginning. We know what’s out there and what’s coming. We’re out to do it better - selecting, designing, offering you the best.